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Open Communication in Marriage

Communication is a key aspect of good and healthier marriage.  Many of us don’t know how to communicate effectively with spouse and may not comfortable with voicing needs, therefore marriage turn through glassy and love, harmony and addiction seem like impossible to get it back. But if a couple has open communication in marriage then […]

Secrets of Long Lasting Relationship

Often, couple strives to start search out secrets of a long lasting relationship after passing a couple of months and years of a relationship.  Often couple thing that, harmony and affection alive only for few times, either only for the honeymoon period.  Although Healthier couple doesn’t have such kind of thinking, for this reason, they […]

पति पत्नी के बीच झगड़ा दूर करने के उपाय

  पति पत्नी के बीच लड़ाई झगड़े आम है, क्योंकि दोनों की विचार धारा अलग अलग होती है, फिर भी वो अपने रिश्ते को सफल बनाने के लिए अपना योगदान देते है, लेकिन कभी- कबार लड़ाई  झगड़े  इतने बढ़ जाते है की उनका प्यारा रिश्ता बदतर हो जाता है और जो आदर, सम्मान पहले रिश्ते […]