How to save your marriage during a misunderstanding

How to save your marriage during a misunderstanding

It’s a true thing husband-wife should be a best friend first then they should be husband wife because husband wife is the relationship which needs extra care and support and cause of  that if husband wife keeps their relationship as  friends first then they will never ever face the problem. But most of the people never understand that, they just wants treat their spouse as a spouse only they don’t want to treat their spouse as a best friend and cause of which when they feel problems in their life they never ever share their problems with their partner and cause of that some of the time it happens that people get trusted with their problems and start pouring all the things on their partner that “all the problems I am facing is just cause of you only” etc. and these all things became the reason behind the issues in between husband and wife. Sometimes these all issues get convert into bigger issues and became the reason for divorce also.

Best friend for life, husband and wife

Husband wife relationship just like a mobile and charger which incomplete without each other. If no one have one thing than they lost their values. Same as husband and wife disputes if one is silent and one is speaking continuously then them feeling and understand them value. People don’t try to know behind of reasons if disputes only they continue fight with each other. They don’t try removal behind this of causes.


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