Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

pooja ghr

A temple or puja room is a sacred and important part of our home. But if its location is not correct, your prayer will not yield the desired results. To increase the positive energy in the house, the puja room should be carefully designed according to the principles of Vastu. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Tips for your Pooja room

  1. The worship room should be in the north-east corner. It is considered to be the direction of the gods. Ishan Kon has a lot of importance as it is believed that when Vastu Purush was brought
  2. Under the earth, his head was in the northeast direction. It is also the direction which receives the rays of the sun which helps in purifying the environment and bringing positivity.
  3. The temple should not be in the bedroom. But if for some reason, it is in your room, put a curtain in front of it especially at night.
  4. The students should face north while praying. Others should face east. North is known as career direction and east is known as money direction.
  5. Make your pooja room below, adjacent, above or in front of the bathroom. It should not be near the kitchen, under the stairs or in the basement.
  6. Photographs of deceased family members should not be kept with the deities in the temple.
  7. Do not display broken idols or torn pictures in the Puja room.