6 Vastu Tips to Bring Positivity & Happiness in Home

vastu tips

According to Vastu rules, every item, home appliance and interior decoration item placed in your house acts as a symbol. It affects your subconscious mind which starts working accordingly. The origin of your positive thinking depends on the positive energy present at your place of residence. Therefore, to create a positive atmosphere in the house, it is necessary that the decoration of your house should be according to the world famous astrologer.

Good Luck Entrance

The entrance door is considered very important in Vastu. It is the mirror of the house, always keep it clean. It is auspicious to put auspicious symbols like Swastik, , Kalash, wind bell, conch shell, pair of fishes or Ganesh ji sitting in a blessing posture by not putting too flamboyant pictures here. The door can also be decorated with pylons of fresh or plastic flowers and leaves.

Picture Of Prosperity

According to astrology solution Images of animals are considered symbols of harshness, ruthlessness and greed. Therefore, they should be disregarded in the decoration. Other photographs that are considered inappropriate to place in the house are scenes of bloody wars, desolate landscapes, dry trees and depression-prone scenes. Animals that are auspicious to photograph include a picture of a horse. Horses represent strength, detail, speed and virility. Putting a showpiece of a horse or a picture of a running horse in the east or north-west direction helps in speed.

Greenery will give new opportunities

Keeping plants like money plant, bamboo bunch or any small indoor plant in the east or north in the drawing room is considered to be beautiful as well as prosperous. Seeing green plants relaxes the mind, relieves stress and feels happy. Keep in mind that dry, prickly and bonsai plants are a sign of despair, do not plant them. Many benefits are obtained by placing a picture of a green forest or wavy crops on the north side of the house. With this, the work done by you not only gets fame, prestige and development, but also money comes from those works.

Will Get The Blessings Of God

The direction zone of mental clarity and wisdom is the North-East, the ideal place for worshiping. Establish a place of worship or a picture of your presiding deity in this direction. By doing this you always get the guidance of God. This direction is also favorable for yoga, pranayama and meditation. Put your deceased’s photo in the south-west. For auspicious results, you can worship by placing a photo of your guru in the west zone of the house.

Light neither less nor more

According to Vastu, there should be adequate lighting in the house. Lack of light can also be a hindrance in progress, obstruction in work and cause of debate etc. If the light is too strong or low, then your eyes are affected badly, while not having the right light also creates Vastu defects and negative energy starts flowing there.

Fill Color With Happiness

By keeping the Vastu rules in mind, the balance of the five elements in the house remains fine, happiness remains. Light blue and green colors are considered good in terms of health in Vastu. It is appropriate to use these colors in the drawing room of the house. Yellow color keeps the nervous system balanced and brain active. Therefore, it is beneficial to use this color in the study room. It is auspicious to have purple color which is encouraging and destroying depression in the worship room.

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