How to talk to your partner after a massive fight with partner?

How to talk to your partner after a massive fight with partner

Every relationship has to go through its share of ups and downs. Although it is said that distance causes conflict in the relationship, but these days when almost the whole world is locked in their respective homes due to the threat of corona, there was never such closeness between husband and wife, but now the distance is decreasing. Light fights have now been replaced by fights. It is not that now the conflict between husband and wife problem has increased, but the earlier cool off time to reduce that conflict has reduced.

Old but try it, maybe it will work

We all must have been bored after hearing that the way to the heart passes through the stomach, but if the matter is true then we have to write again and again. You can cook the dishes of your partner’s choice to initiate the conversation. The love poured into food will melt the frozen ice. While eating, both of you can talk openly on the issue, due to which there was a fight. But this tasty method will add sweetness to the relationship along with the mood. Yes, you have to keep in mind that the quarrel should not be prolonged without any reason.

Who said it is necessary to speak in order to talk

Come on, both of you have taken an oath while quarreling that now you will not speak a word to each other, so take advantage of your being educated and put your feelings on paper. You can consult our world famous astrologer.

Use it if you have a habit of talking on the phone

Whenever there was a fight between you two before the lock down, then both of you used to solve the matter by talking on the phone. You can try this method. Now you will say that both of us are in the same house, so is this method really practical? If we believe, then what goes in trying it out. And of course it is practical. Anyway, where is it written that two people cannot call each other inside the same house. Of course you can and should do both. Sometimes talking or talking face to face increases the matter. Therefore, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčerasing distances on the phone is also not bad.

This is to surprise your partner, which will be different for everyone

Our brain reacts differently when we get a surprise. Our mood changes when we see unexpected things happening. Our brain starts thinking in a new way. The negativity of the past vanishes in a jiffy. Now what is the surprise in lockdown? You decide that. You can make a greeting card at home or put a song of your partner’s choice in the room. Your unique touch will do wonders. If not, then the money will be returned, but you did not pay for this tip.

By law this should be the first way

By the way, most of us do not realize our mistake, even if it happens, then the mistake of the other person looks so big and bad that by apologizing to him, he does not feel like ending the matter. But if you keep your ego locked in the lock during the time of lockdown, then the chances of quarreling with the partner will be greatly reduced. Your days will also pass peacefully.