How to use mirror for good luck

 Have you ever seen an any home without mirror..???

All most even all home have a mirror as a part of interior decoration person’s are habitual of the mirror.  Mirror definitely is beautiful objects that we use every day out of the habits. Mirror are essential part of every person life, they help us in daily worldly lives, thought we rarely every applaud their usefulness. We almost always seek for a mirror to take a look at ourselves. Mirror replicate to us how we look, how clothes fit us, and how things are fit for us.

There are very delusion related to mirror that suggest we need be careful about using mirror as décor. Mirror is most often not associated with excellent luck or accomplishment. If you want to follow Vastu rules for decorating your home then there are some Vastu tips related to mirror you have to know about that by which negative energy will not come in your home

  1. You shouldn’t have to keep breaking mirror in your home because it’s bringing negative energy in your life.
  2. Some time people get anger and cry and on that time they see mirror, it’s reflects the evil inside the person’s, you should avoid your corridor with mirror. it might good but gives a flabbily terrible feeling  when you are alone
  3. If you’re seek and you look into mirror then its fatal invitation of death. When we see our face weakened by illness then it has intimidating effect on us. It’s better that you don’t have to put mirror where you can see any time mirror.
  4. Some people are habitual to look into mirror in the morning, they should have to change their habits because it’s bringing bad luck for the day, and this is because according the Vastu, mirror reflects our hidden fears. If we stare at mirror fresh from asleep with our last dream on our mind it not is a pretty sight.

Put the mirror that place it will bring good luck like:

  1. Put the mirror at the side of bed in the bed room bed, this is theoretical to bring good luck to a spouse or even other people.
  2. You must have to keep mirror in bathroom, not only because of Vastu rules but out of necessity. You need to see yourself appropriately to be able scrub well and maintain personal cleanliness, if you have a bathtub then have a mirror fit into the wall bordering to it. You should also keep the mirror in front of the wash basin, mirror bring positive energy in life so you should aware about that tips and follow that it will bring positive energy in your life.


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